The Special Event Conference at a Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this program for?
The HOH program is everyone. It is perfect for the newbie that wants to break into the field and needs some experience, to the expert who wants to try something new, to the regular attendee that wants to be a part of a group when they are traveling alone. We have job shifts for everyone. It has always been a mix of ages, nationalities, and personalities – so everyone is invited to join this program.

2. When do I need to arrive on-site?
The training session (Monday, March 8 at the Miami Beach Convention Center) is the first time you will need to report on-site. This is mandatory to first-time participants since this is the only time we have all volunteers together to walk through all details of the show. (Note: Returning participants can arrive on-site Tuesday, March 9 for their pickup.)

3. Will it be hard work or fun?
It will be typical, fast-paced event work: busy, crazy, fun, interesting and unpredictable – but work!

4. Who manages the Hands-On Hundred participants?
There will be team leaders that will be with the HOH teams at all times. The team leaders are individuals who have participated in the program in the past and know what to expect and how to keep the team going on-site. Team Leaders will be responsible for working with the committee chairs and TSE staff to create and manage the work schedules for the HOH volunteers.

5. What do we wear when we participate?
We will provide one staff shirt as a gift that you might be asked to wear to some shifts. Depending on assignments, you may be inside or outside. Some events will require certain clothing but we suggest casual clothing and comfortable footwear such as tennis shoes.

6. When do we get our assignments?
All confirmations are set by email prior to their arrival on-site.

7. What if I want to work more than 10 hours?
We are happy to maximize your experience and could use the extra hours. When the list of hours and the survey are sent they will ask if you want to work extra hours and what shifts you would like to do.

8. What if I get my assignment and decide I do not want to work?
You will be charged the full Educational Package fee of ($875) and $25 for your credential and t-shirt. You will be removed from the team and prohibited from future involvement with this annual program.

9. Can I “job-share” the Hands-On Hundred Work-study assignments with a friend or co-worker?

10. How do I ask another question? 
Contact Kari Strolberg, CSEP, Hands-On Hundred Manager at or call 317.423.3590 (office) / 317.590.8610 (cell).