The Special Event 2012: 2012 Heather Allen
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Creative Coverings

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Table 6 Productions

Seven years ago Shannon Wilson and her longtime friend, Heather Allen, saw a unique opportunity to break into the industry. Weddings were becoming mundane, monotonous and quite honestly... dull! After attending yet another lack-luster, unorganized wedding they realized the need for their youthful, fresh style. Developing creative ideas? Easy. Planning flawless events? Piece of cake. Deciding on a name that portrayed their persona? HARD! After brainstorming for what seemed liked forever they took it back to basics. They were seated at "Table 6" during their revelation. Table 6 Productions was born and over time they became a group affectionately known as "The 6 Chicks".

Heather, a Tampa Native, attended Florida State University to become a broadcast journalist and realized this just might not be for her. “I got involved in planning the corporate Christmas Parties and other social events, and loved it!” says Heather Allen. As she ventured through the process of planning her own wedding, it provided an outlet to explore her true passion – planning events!